Important: This documentation covers Yarn 1 (Classic).
For Yarn 2+ docs and migration guide, see

yarn list

List installed packages.

yarn list
yarn list

The yarn list command mimics the expected Unix behavior of listing. In Yarn, the list command lists all dependencies for the current working directory by referencing all package manager meta data files, which includes a project’s dependencies.

yarn list vx.x.x
├─ package-1@1.3.3
├─ package-2@5.0.9
│  └─ package-3@^2.1.0
└─ package-3@2.7.0
yarn list [--depth] [--pattern]

By default, all packages and their dependencies will be displayed. To restrict the depth of the dependencies, you can add a flag, --depth, along with the desired level to the list command.

yarn list --depth=0

Keep in mind, levels are zero-indexed.

yarn list --pattern <pattern> will filter the list of dependencies by the pattern flag.


yarn list --pattern gulp
yarn list --pattern "gulp|grunt"
yarn list --pattern "gulp|grunt" --depth=1