Important: This documentation covers Yarn 1 (Classic).
For Yarn 2+ docs and migration guide, see

yarn upgrade-interactive

This is similar to npm-check interactive update mode. It provides an easy way to update outdated packages.

yarn upgrade-interactive [--latest]

The upgrade-interactive command takes the same parameters as, and functions the same as the base upgrade command. This command will display the outdated packages before performing any upgrade, allowing the user to select which packages to upgrade. Yarn will respect the version ranges in package.json when determining the version to upgrade to.

You can think of yarn upgrade-interactive as a combination of the yarn outdated and yarn upgrade [package...] commands. Where yarn outdated displays the list of outdated packages and yarn upgrade [package...] can then be used to upgrade desired packages, yarn upgrade-interactive displays the same outdated package list and lets you immediately choose which to upgrade.

--latest : This flag tells yarn to ignore the specified version ranges in package.json and instead use the version tagged latest in the registry.

[1/? Choose which packages to update. (Press <space> to select, <a> to toggle all, <i> to inverse s
❯◯ autoprefixer      6.7.7  ❯  7.0.0
 ◯ webpack           2.4.1  ❯  2.5.1

 ◯ bull              2.2.6  ❯  3.0.0-alpha.3
 ◯ fs-extra          3.0.0  ❯  3.0.1
 ◯         1.7.3  ❯  1.7.4
 ◯  1.7.3  ❯  1.7.4